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                                  Issues Of Life Exercise

Read Psalm 139:1-15. Answer the following questions. Keep in mind – Be true to yourself.

V1 –
If God examined your heart what would He find?

         What does it mean to know everything about you?

V2  -  
Have you ever had your thoughts to drift afar off?  If yes, what did God find in them?              

V3 -  
Where was the last place God told you to stop and rest?

          Have you ever been somewhere you should not have been and felt the eyes
          of God on you?

V4 -   
What was the last thing you said that you should not have spoken?

           What was the last good thing you said?

V5 -    
Why does God place His hand of blessing on your head?

V6 -    Why do you believe that this knowledge is too great for the psalmist to know?

excerpt from the study manual "Friends, Foes and Fellow Christian"

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"Let A Man Examine Himself"
Psalm 139