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                                 "Loving Others As Yourself"
                                                                                by Minister Ginger London, MA

Showing the love of Christ to others is important as we go about sharing the good news and gospel of Jesus
Christ. When we love others as ourselves, we are showing them what being a Christian is about. You can
speak all day long, but if your actions are not loving, kind, and compassionate, no one will listen to you too
long. Your words and actions must be consistent.

Loving others as yourself requires you to think of each person you meet as just as important in your life as
you are. It means caring for them as much as you care about your own well-being physically, emotionally,
and spiritually. This type of love not only shares everything it has, it also for ways to uplift and encourage.
Think about how different our schools, churches, and neighborhoods would be if we all practiced loving each
other as we love ourselves. Love like this looks at every person as being essential in life. We should look for
ways to not only improve our own situation, but that of others around us.

Missionary work is an example of loving others as yourself. Missionaries go out and live in sometimes
uncomfortable conditions to show others the love of Christ. They give unselfishly toward building the faith of
people all around the world.

What practical ways can you love your neighbor as yourself during your daily routine?

Just as you pray for yourself, you can also pray for others. Prayer changes things and when you pray for
someone even if they are not aware of it, you are showing the love of God. If you see an area of their life
that needs prayer, go ahead and ask the Father to move on their behalf.

Showing compassion for others is also important. The compassion you show to others is your testimony.
Your actions are showing others what you believe and that you love others and are willing to help.

Loving yourself, your neighbor, and God also brings balance into your life. We can get so caught up in
thinking about our needs that we forget about others. It is when we take our focus off of ourselves and give
God all the praise and honor and start looking for ways to help others that change starts to happen in our
life. You will find a peace in your heart because you are actively loving yourself, others, and God.

If there is someone in your life that has been difficult to love, forgive them and move on to "truly loving" them.

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