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                    "Visualization Point!"
                                                          by Minister Ginger London, MA

The calling or assignment that God has purposed for your life has the potential of becoming something
"great" for God. This means that your purpose has some great expectations attached to it. In raising your
expectation level to believe that you can accomplish the assignment means starting at the

The visualization point is the place where you use creative imagination. This is the place where you "see"
yourself fulfilling the call or assignment. You must "see" yourself writing the book, preaching to the crowds,
recording your music cd, making your first movie, preaching your first sermon and the like. If you can see
yourself, you are ready to maximize your ministry to become an out front leader by working on four important
areas in developing and fulfilling your assignment:

1. Clarify Your Goals and Vision- Habakkuk 2:2-3 Writing the vision down and clarifying your goals is
important to your ministry and/or assignment.

2. Strengthen Your Determination - Philippians 4:13 The words determination and determine have the
following synonyms: purposefulness, decision, intent and discover. The two words that related the most are
decision and purposefulness. Strengthen your decision to go forward.

3. Accelerate Your Progress - Philippians 3:12 Press toward the goal. You must move your ministry,
assignment, and/or business into a progressive mode. Line upon line, precept upon precept, you must begin
to accelerate your life's purpose into its full development.

4. Build Credibility - This refers to the reputation you have among people who know you. Do what you say
you're going to do and do more than you're expected to do. Be a problem solver, not a blamer. Show
optimism and enthusiasm. Be excited about your ministry and calling. Most importantly, treat everyone with
respect, be thoughtful, complement those who deserve it, and recognize each person's contributions.


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