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               "Relationships With Mothers"
                                         by Minister Ginger London, MA

Relationships with mothers - aren’t they interesting?  Relationships with mothers can be
seen and experienced in many different ways. It is an “emotional experience.”  For some
children, it can be the most “powerful” human connection. At times, even more powerful than
a connection with a spouse.  For some children, it can be a “disheartening and dangerous”
relationship. For some children, it can be a “reconnection” to a once disconnected

What type of relationship do you have with your mother? Whatever it may be, the Bible has
a lot to say about mothers. This edition of the newsletter is written as a Bible study so that
you can learn what the Word of God says about mothers.

The Bible teaches that mothers are the “doors of life.” In Genesis 3:20 it says, “Adam named
his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all living.”  Every human being present
on earth had to pass through a woman to get here.  Mothers are to bring life, to nurture life, to
be godly examples of life, and they are entrusted with life.

Unfortunately, every door a person comes through doesn’t always provide the best possible
life for the person.

The Bible gives biblical descriptions of mothers, teaches about motherhood,  the
responsibilities of mothers, and how ungodly behavior of mothers can cause damaged
emotions in the lives of their children. As you begin this study I encourage you to do two
things. First, if you are a mother, find yourself in the study and allow the Holy Spirit to
strengthen you as you continue to grow or to continue to prune you so that you can become -
STRONG. Second, if you are a child, find your relationship with mother in the study and
allow the Holy Spirit to continue strengthening it or to bring the “ministry of reconciliation” to
mend it. Wherever you are in relationship with your mother, remember the Word of God is
alive and powerful.
Enjoy this study!