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"Broken For A Breakthrough"
  by Minister Ginger London, MA

As a Believer, have you ever wrestled with God? Do you need to wrestle with God?  
Maybe you are waiting on your breakthrough, but you don’t want to break.  Are there times
when you are facing situations and circumstances or believing God for something where you
get to a point when you want “through” to just show up? You get so focused on through
showing up that you neglected to process and understand that in order for “through” to come
there has to be a “breaking” for it to pass.

There will come a time in your life as a Christian when you will discover that you may be the
greatest hindrance to your breakthrough. Your outer man doesn’t match your inner man. The
greatest hindrance to your breakthrough is your “outer man” – your mind, emotions, and your
will - your body and your flesh.
“What you think about your life, your circumstances, and
God will have an effect on the timing of your breakthrough.”

In order for a breakthrough to be loosed in your life, the Lord must deal with you. Without the
Lord’s dealing with you, your breakthrough will be delayed.
Ephesians 3:16 says to be
strengthen with power through His Spirit into the inner man.”
The inner man can only be
strengthen when the outer man is broken.

God dealt with Jacob in Genesis 32:21. Before Jacob wrestled with God the Bible says that
Jacob arose and sent his two wives, two women servants and his eleven sons to pass over  the
Jabbok river. The principle meaning of this Hebrew verb Passover is
“movement of
something in relationship to a stationary object
." Another meaning is -  “going beyond a
certain physical point.”

If you want a breakthrough, am you willing to move some relationships out of the way so
that you can have the spiritual experience that will bring the breakthrough?

The Bible says that Jacob also sent all of his possessions – all that he had. It doesn’t say that
Jacob gave them away or destroyed them –
he got them “out of the way.” Are you willing to
move your possessions out of the way? Can you forget that you had some things before you
got saved? Can you move your “car” out of the way? Can you move your “independence” out
of the way? If you don’t the only thing that will happen is –

You can’t get a “breakthrough” without breaking!”

Scriptures For Study:  Genesis 32:22-32; Psalm 37:5; Song of Solomon 3:5; 4:16 and
                                      Mark 14:3-9