The Making Of A
Spiritual Diamond

with Minister Ginger D. London, MA, BCC

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Spiritual Diamond Day 6 Worksheet Below

GRINDING: Cutting The Diamond (Part Two)
Welcome to Day 6 of the seven days The Making of a Spiritual Diamond Challenge

Today is about the cutting of the diamond……..
Grinding (continued)

is used by the cutter to take off the corners of the stone so it is shaped like a top.

Faith Under Pressure (continued)

Through the testing of your faith, God will give you patience or endurance to face situations or circumstances.  James 1:3
says "knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience (KJV)."
Patience gives you long-suffering toward
people. Patience helps you to look at them through the eyes of faith. Through patience God give you a quality of hope that
does not surrender to circumstances or succumb under pressure.

When your faith is under pressure God is grinding off some areas of your life that needs to come off so that you can grow

God uses patience as one of the processes to make this happen in your life. Patience comes from a Greek word which is
derived from two words. Hupo which means “under” and Meno which means to abide. Simply said,

“If you rest or remain in God, no matter what things or circumstances you are brought under you will endure”   
(Ginger London).

You must turn your hardships and divers temptations into a time of learning. The hardness of the diamond makes it the most
enduring of all gems stones; therefore, Christians should be the most enduring of all people, because of the “hard rock” –
Jesus Christ, who they stand on.
Five Emotions God Wants To Grind Off Your Life For Spiritual Growth

1  Anger
: This is a natural response to a perceived attack or injury. It makes energy flow. But when allowed to simmer, it
depletes energy that could be used to improve your life spiritually. If you hold your anger for more than a week, it is only
hurting you. Make yourself let go. Envision yourself throwing it out. Ease your mind. Transform your anger into a spiritual
Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.

2  Revenge
: The first cousin of anger. It also robs you of strength in the long run. The person who has injured you has
probably gone on with life; so should you. Don’t let the injury hurt you further by inhibiting your spiritual growth and quality of
Remember, vengeance is the Lord’s.

3  Sadness: This is more crippling than anger because it drains you from the start, sapping your will to go on. You probably
will have to let this drain away slowly at its own pace. Time heals, but if the sadness seems to linger, consciously force it out.
Seek out things that make you laugh and feel positive about life. Realize that feeling sad will not change anything. Seek peace
of mind as your spiritual right.
God will keep you in perfect [matured] peace if you keep your mind on him.

4  Resentment
: Life is not always fair. It is unrealistic to feel any other way, and holding on to resentment is no way to fight
back. Drop it and get back into the battle. Learn to forgive instead of holding on to bitterness, hatred, offenses and the like.  
Let Go and Live for God!

5  Guilt
: Guilt is another emotion that stands between you and your spiritual growth and maturity. All of us have done things we
feel bad about and regret. Things we would do differently. Many of people carry that guilt around and it keeps them from
moving forward. Don’t let people put you on a guilt trip. Say to yourself when someone is putting you on the defensive,
matter what you do or say to me, I am still a worthwhile person and there is therefore no condemnation to those who
are in Christ Jesus.”

To rid yourself of these hindering emotions, put them in a perspective that is spiritual rather than negative and thereby letting
the Holy Spirit grind off their painful roots in your mind and spirit. Reinterpret the past with these methods:
Get better - Not bitter – Grow Spiritually.

For today’s challenge, complete Day 6 challenge worksheet.  Be true to yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to grind off these
emotions so that you can be “free” to grow spiritually.  

I will be checking your comments to learn about your breakthroughs.

Spiritual Diamond Challenge Today
Step One: Complete the Spiritual Diamond Day 6 Challenge Worksheet.

Diamond Challenge Day 6 Worksheet

Step Two: Leave a comment below say what you are learning about yourself and
how what you are learning is empowering your spiritual growth.
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