Schedule Everything! You have heard me say this before if you have been on one of my training calls, if you
have ever been coached by me or trained by me for coaching or ministry. Scheduling helps you to increase your
focus. Increasing your focus means you should get up each day, looking forward to what you can achieve.  Being
focused means you are making progress towards what is most important to you. You will feel a greater sense of
productivity and fulfillment.

In today's fast paced world, it can be easy to lose sight of our priorities. Often times it can be a struggle just to
stay on top of our day to day tasks. For many of us it seems there is just no time left to work on things that will
move us toward our goals and aspirations.

This can be disheartening, but all it really takes is a little organization and planning to get us where we want to be.

Scheduling My Productivity Journal Bundle has been designed to help you to focus on each day
purposefully making the best use of your time, talents, and gifts. You can track your time, plan your week,
prioritize your list, set goals, and eliminate what isn't essential.

Get your
“Scheduling My Productivity Bundle” now and get yourself ready for more productive days ahead.

Here's what you'll get in the Scheduling My Productivity Bundle (digital download):

Here's what you'll get in the planner: 365 Daily Pages

  •  An inspirational quote to get you motivated each and every month
  •  Space to document your daily priorities, schedule and tasks to keep you on track
  •  A section for you to enter your daily reminders or anything of importance on each day

Here is how each day is organized for you:

1.  Each day starts with a Motivational Quote and the Date.

Today's Priorities - Seek These First! - Use this section to take care of the most important tasks for each
 day first. Prioritize them in the order of importance.

Schedule - Use this section to schedule your day with appointments, phone calls, projects, and of course,
 breaks. Also, use this section to schedule your tasks for the day.

Day In Review - Use this section to summarize your day beginning with

  • Positive Things Today - Write down the positive things that happen for each    day.
  • Things to Improve On and Scriptures References - Write down what you discover each day as an area
    that you need to improve on and write Scriptures that reference the importance of changing or improving in
    this area.
  • How I Will Improve Them and My Faith Confession - Write the action steps you need to take to improve
    and write a faith confession that will motivate you towards improving.

Here's what you'll get in the Increasing Your Productivity Report: 8 pages

  • 15 Productivity Killers
  • Myths About Productivity
  • Ways to Change Your Productivity System

Here's what you'll get in the 39 Strategies To Increase Your Productivity: 4 Pages

  • 39 Strategies
  • Simple ready to use and implement strategies to increase your productivity.

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The Scheduling My Productivity Bundle is a digital download. There are no refunds for this digital product. We are
committed to giving you everything we describe in the deliverables
Minister Ginger London, MA, BCC
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