Thank you for picking up your copy of my Becoming A Better Me Planner!!

I know that your life will be blessed and on target as you use this planner daily to get yourself

In the planner you will find;

Monthly Themes – Includes a topic you can focus on for the month, what you will do better for the
month, steps you need to take, obstacles you might face and what you will do to overcome them,
and notes, resources and scriptures section to help you prepare for each month.

Daily For Each Month – Includes sections on thoughts for the day, things you will work on for the
day, steps you will take, and a daily review.

The key to using this planner is
COMMITMENT! It takes commitment to get yourself together for the
better and to fulfil your life’s purpose.

I’m excited to offer this planner to you and would love to hear from you as you get started in using
the planner and throughout the year to hear about your successes, as well as, your challenges. Be
sure to email me at to let me know how things are going for you!

I am praying for a better you!

Ginger London

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