The "Got To Get Myself Together!" 67 Days Business & Ministry School Challenge

"Enlarge Your Territory: Launch Yourself!" Present, Promote & Take-Off

Do you want to go bigger than you are right now? Are you tired of people saying they will help you only to result in no help at all? Do you want  to learn the strategies and principles
that will equip you to launch yourself? Are you willing to commit to the time and effort to launch in a Big Way? If the answer is yes, then the
“Got To Get Myself Together  67 Days
Business & Ministry School Challenge
” is For You!

The “intention” of this challenge is to help you to become more organized and focused in discovering and developing your winning idea so that you can present, promote & take-off.
In other words - “Launch Yourself” instead of waiting someone else to do it for you.

Here is a recap of what to expect on this 67 days journey.

The 67 Days Business & Ministry School Challenge starts January 25th and goes until April 1, 2015.

What Will You Learn and Do?

Module One:  “Present” – Your Winning Idea (22 Days)

Learn how to unleash your talents, abilities, spiritual gifts and ideas to introduce yourself to the world in a big way.

Module Two:  “Promote” – Elevate Your Winning Idea (22Days)

Learn how to Elevate & Rise! Use marketing strategies and tools to reach and connect with your assigned audience or community.

Module Three: “Take-Off” -  Expanding The Boarders of Winning Idea (23days)

Learn how to enlarge your territory by expanding your business or ministry boarders  by using technology and different platforms to amplify your presence.

What Topics are Covered?

•        Just a few days to a more organized and focused business/ministry               • Five Signs that your Business is Out of Control
•        What’s Really Holding You Back?                                                                    • How To Get Focused
•        Planning For Profits                                                                                         • Ten Mistakes Most Failures Make
•        Realistic Life Goals                                                                                          • Balanced Focused Approach
•        Positive Focused Approach                                                                             • Designing and Creating Your Program or Products
•        The Short and Sweet Product Launch                                                             • Mindset Strategies
•        Understanding Your Calling                                                                             • Profiting From The Internet and much more.....


1.  Pay In Full - $129 per person -  
What’s Included?

Specialized instruction and teaching by me, your ministry trainer
and board certified coach

Exclusive Facebook Group with others taking the challenge for
support, accountability and idea sharing

Specialized Teleseminars and Radio Shows

•   Specialized Challenge materials

•   Special  Emails with Assignments

•   4 Bonus Group Coaching Calls with Ginger

Special Opportunity to work privately with Ginger London