Do you sense God calling you to life coaching to help others?  
Do you enjoy encouraging others and rejoicing with them in their successes?
Do you have an special skill set or knowledge that can help others to advance in life?
Do you have a desire to be used to bring transformation and growth in the lives of others?

If yes, professional life coaching may be your life purpose and calling.
Ginger London, MA, BCC
Board Certified Coach
You’re an aspiring life, ministry or business coach who is curious about the profession of coaching and how it connects with your life purpose. You’re
smart, spiritually gifted, motivated, have a lot to offer and you love helping people.  It’s time for you to step out in faith to do what you feel that God
has called you to do and make some money doing it.  Your biggest need right now is being trained and fully equipped with the tools and strategies to
authentically and genuinely start a coaching business or ministry. You want to elevate your life to fulfill your greatest potential and that means reaching
more of the right people who need what God has entrusted to you.  
Who You Are
What You Need Most Right Now
Your primary focus needs to be on being professionally trained in coaching so that you can create a crystal clear vision and plan on taking serious
action to begin your coaching business/ministry or adding coaching to your present business so that you can help others and generate greater income.  
It’s time to get your message out to the masses in a big way. It's time for you to create the coaching business or ministry God has called you to!

The Diamond Coaching Academy is specifically designed
to help you to fulfill the call of God on your life to help others through
pursuing life coaching from a genuine, spirit-filled biblical perspective.  

It is for those who want to be a God chosen life changing catalyst in helping others.

Why Is This Life Coach Training Unique?
What's Included In Our Life Coach Training?
  • 6 months of Live Teleclasses and Webinar training.
  • “Live” instructor-led, online interactive group webinars, tele-classes, and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Access to helpful videos, audios, worksheets, and templates.
  • Customizable Forms, Agreements, and Other Documents.
  • The opportunity to be Coached and practice coaching with a Buddy.
  • Certification as a Life Coach (upon competition).
  • A program that is highly affordable and biblical in principles, core values and beliefs.
  • Coaching principles are taught around the core competencies of the profession.
  • Training as a professional life coach from a biblical and life purpose perspective.
  • Christian Life Coach Training that is transformational.
What Is Your  Investment?
Profession Life Coach Training Is Offered In Two Formats
TELECLASS – Diamond Coaching Academy 90 minutes to 2 hours classes offer a high-quality, interactive learning experience using a telecall and
webinar format. Aspiring life coaches get all the advantages of a classroom experience with opportunities to interact with the other potential coaches and
the instructor. Travel costs and time off from work is saved. From the convenience of each student’s home the learning experience will avail visual
resources along with the opportunity to train with students globally.

ON-SITE/IN-PERSON TRAINING – Diamond Coaching Academy on-site training allows students to complete the majority of the certification class work
during a 3 1/2 days Coach Training Intensive. This training option affords the student an opportunity for focused coach training face to face with other
students. Some prerequisite course work is required before coaching training intensive virtually or on-site.

3 Days Coach Training Intensive Only - Registration is open - Click Here for Information)

        24 hours of in-person coach-specific training
        Certificate in Personal Development Coaching
        3-day training including a Coaching Business and Ministry Development Day.
        Includes a special late evening training.
Certified Ministry, Life and Executive Coach Program:  

Enrollment Tuition:  $2,850

Take advantage of our convenient eight-months payment option. $379.75 for 8 months billed every 30 days.
On-Site/In-Person Training Intensive - More Information Here!
Registration Is Now Open!
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