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This coach training intensive is designed and aimed at equipping aspiring and new coaches with the knowledge and
foundational tools to get started in life coaching learning the necessary skills needed be exceptionally effective coaches.

Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Do you get a sense of gratification when you know you have helped others
succeed at something? Do you know that there is way more you could be doing with your life and knowledge you have and
you don't want it to go to waste? If you said yes to any of these questions then becoming a life coach just might be right up
your alley!

If so, this intensive is right for you.
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Your Greatest Potential As A Life Coach To Help Others
During these unprecedented and tough times life coaches will be needed more than ever to help people to navigate through decision
making, career changes, life changes, grief and business decisions and changes.

Now is the time to learn  how to spiritually use your gifts, talents, skills, and knowledge to help bring transformation into the lives of others
by being intentional about the impact you have on those you are assigned to.

During this 4-Day Virtual Coaching Intensive you will learn proven coaching strategies and models, gain knowledge and master the tools
and techniques of coaching that helps bring transformation into the lives of others.
The Whole-Mind, Body and Spirit Life Coach

Understand  Yourself and Your Created Purpose
As A Coach. This is the most important element
in getting started in life coaching. We will be
answering the question Who Am I? We will be
examining your relationship with God and your
relationship with yourself.  

Learn how transformation happens in the lives of
people and how to self-coach your own personal
transformation before coaching others in their
The Coach
The TRANSformation
The coaching business
The Transformational Life Coach As A Guide

Understanding The Assignment To Coach. We
will be answering the questions What Am I
Called To Do With Life Coaching? and How Can
I Navigate My Client's Transformation? You will
learn how to choose the right coaching model
based on your gifts and talents so that you can
take your clients through the right transformation
process to see results and experience change.

You will learn about the dynamics of Coaching
Conversations and it's impact on the
transformation process for the client.
The Power To Create Wealth!
Let Your Gift Make Room For You

Answer the questions How Do I Build It? Where do
I Take It? And How Do I Get There? It's about  
Getting Out There In A Big Way.  Increase your
visibility to the degree in which you are known to
the people you want to be known by. It’s about
building credibility through the know, like and trust

Monetize Your Message and Expertise by taking
stock of your services, what you have to offer,
your products, and turning what you know into
irresistible products, packages and services.
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Who Is This Coach Training Intensive For?
Your Shift!
  • You will examine your relationship with
    yourself and with God to discern who you
    really are and how to transform the image
    you have of yourself.

  • You will embrace the process of being
    transformed by the renewing your mind
    by taking a dive below the surface for an
    immersion in self-exploration, to examine
    your beliefs, images, and interpretations
    about who you are and your purpose and
    place in this world.

  • Take a Deep Dive into Your “Operating
    Belief System” to have the willingness to
    face fears and beliefs that have held you
    captive in order to become free of those
    patterns of thought.

  • Meet and embrace your authentic self,
    getting past harmful habits, and pushing
    the reset button by taking a quick pause to
    re-assess a few things and get your
    mindset right.

  • Embrace The Whole-Body Entrepreneur -
    For many entrepreneurs, the risk of burnout
    is real – and it’s not surprising when you
    consider all the things you have to do on a
    daily basis. Your will learn what is truly
    possible if you start to nurture the
    WHOLE you on the mental, physical and
    spiritual levels.

  • Coaching Knowledge. Learn what   
    coaching is as a discipline and how it works
    to effect positive change and forward
Your Business!
Your Work!
Your Skills!
  Day Two (3 hrs only)

  • Ditch Everything (and Everyone) That
    Brings You Down! Learn how to spend
    less time on tasks (and people) that don’t
    feed your soul and bring you happiness.  

  • The #1 “bad” habit that’s stopping you
    from getting things done and reaching your
    full potential–and how to break it.

  • Setting strong boundaries with clients,
    family, and friends so you stop feeling used
    and overworked–and how to deal with
    guilt about sticking up for yourself. Limit
    your exposure to energy vampires–and
    what to do about those not-so-awesome
    relationships you “have” to keep.

  • Count Your Blessings! You  have plenty
    to be thankful for, but it’s pretty easy to
    forget how wonderful the little things are in
    the midst of day-to-day life and business
    drama. Learn practical actions you can
    take to make an attitude of gratitude your
    default, so you can more easily
    acknowledge the good in your life every
    day (even the crazy days!).

  • What does it mean to make an impact in
    life coaching? It means having an
    influence over something or someone,
    thereby changing them. This influence can
    be either good or bad, depending on your
    actions as the life coach.

  • Work From Home On Your Own:  
    Preparing For Success As A Coach
 Coaching Sessions

  • The main goal of the first coaching
    session with a client is to create a plan
    for all of the sessions that will follow. It
    establishes a form of contract between
    coach and client. Learn how to create the
    first session purposefully.

  • Learn the process of gathering
    information in a coaching session while
    giving the client a taste of your expertise
    and authenticity.

  • In any type of coaching, the client and
    coach are equal partners. Learn how to
    define the responsibilities of both
    client and coach.

  • Coaching takes a great deal of
    preparation and outside work, but the
    most important things will get done
    during the coaching session itself. In
    order to make them worth your client's
    time and money, your coaching
    sessions need to be as efficient and
    focused as possible.

 Coaching Conversations

  • In a coaching conversation the
    responsibility for the dynamic of the
    session often lies with the coach.

  • Learn how to use the power of your
    voice to speak spirit and life in
    structuring a coaching call session using
    the 5Cs of a Diamond Coaching
    Conversation and Power Questions.
  • God equips you to run your business,
    if   you’re doing what He has called you to
    do he will certainly be faithful to provide
    you with the tools and resources you
    need to make it profitable.

  • Get Out There In A Big Way! It’s about
    increasing your visibility to the degree in
    which you are known to the people you
    want to be known by. It’s about building
    credibility through the know, like and trust
    factor so that they will hire you as their life

  • Building the Business of Your Dreams!
    It all starts here. You know exactly where
    you want to be. All you need is a path,
    and that’s what it is all about. You’ll
    discover…You are anointed to do
    business. We’re going to start off strong,
    by declaring right up front what your
    unique strengths are, and who they
    best suit when it comes to clients.

  • Monetize Your Message and Expertise.
    You’re going to learn how to take stock of
    your services, what you have to offer,
    your products, and turning what you know
    into irresistible products, packages and
    services that will make your assigned
    people sit up and take notice and want to
    work with you.

  • How to Position Your Own Unique
    Style of Coaching. The one element that
    determines your ultimate success—and it’
    s not money or skills or experience or
    even drive.

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