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Life Coach Certification Training Intensives are  Offered In Two Formats

"Diamond Cut" Intensive - Aspiring and New Life Coaches
First Things First: Here Is What You Need to Know About Short-term Intensives

Coach Training Intensives are designed to teach you the basics of the coaching profession and to prepare you
to begin coaching individuals to achieve their hopes and dreams right now!

Life coaching a very rewarding and financially lucrative profession. To properly prepare for life coaching and
to learn and develop the skills needed to be effective normally takes a training program that ranges from 10
weeks to two years. It is possible to prepare in a shorter period of time, but it wil
l take hard work and
committed dedication
to learn the skills needed to become a successful life coach.

Life Coaching is a profession you don't have to wait for full training to get started in.
You Can Start Right
It is best to get some training before starting. Here is where training intensives can service you in
preparing to start your coaching business or to add coaching to your existing business.

Are You Ready To Be Certified As A Life Coach?
Life Coach Certification Training Intensives: 3 Days (In Baton Rouge, La)

"Diamond Cut" Intensive - Aspiring and New Life Coaches
This coach training 3 days intensive is designed and aimed at equipping aspiring and new coaches with the
knowledge and foundational tools to get started in life coaching learning the necessary skills needed be
exceptionally effective coaches.

Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Do you get a sense of gratification when you know you have
helped others succeed at something? Do you know that there is way more you could be doing with your life
and knowledge you have and you don't want it to go to waste? If you said yes to any of these questions then
becoming a life coach just might be right up your alley!

If so, this intensive is right for you. You will complete your intensive training with a certificate in life coach and
you will know how to use the core skills necessary to do greater works in helping others to grow and live
abundant lives in both life and career.
  • Certification Intensive is a 28-hour class, 4 hours of prerequisite assignments prior to class followed
    by 24-27 (3 FULL DAYS) hours of training.

  • Understanding the Concept of Coaching
  • Overview of the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies        
  • The Role of a Life Coach        
  • How Does Coaching Work?        
  • Training, Qualifications, Options, Legal Issues, Regulations
  • The Coaching Market
  • Types of Coaching
  • Coaching Models
  • Key Skills of a Life Coach        
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Coach?
  • Identifying and Creating Core Values From The Inside Out
  • Mindset Strategies
  • Success Rituals    

  • Understanding why people hire coaches and how it can help you to grow your own business
  • How To Choose a Coaching Style
  • An overview of all of the different methods you can use to coach people and some advice to get you started in each one.

  • The Coachable Moment
  • The Co-Creating Relationship
  • What You Will Need to Start Your Coaching Business        
  • The Income Streams of a Life Coach        
  • How to Build Your Business?     
What Is Your  Investment for the 3 Day Virtual Intensive?
Your investment for the 3 Days Certification Intensive Virtual Training Course is a $1,495

Course Dates: TBA

Included in the cost of the training:

  • 24-27 hours of virtual coach-specific training content on: basics of starting your own coaching business,
    your online presence, how to start running coaching sessions, how to build using the basic business
    building principles of your coaching business.

  • Proprietary workbook materials (a digital download) to assist you in learning key skills and building your

  • Downloadable coaching forms and tools to use immediately upon completing of the training Pre and
    post training group conference calls – to prepare you for training and to answer any post training follow-
    on questions

  • Certificate in Life coaching
On-Site/In-Person Training Intensive - More Information Coming Soon!
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My ready to go kit (digital downloads) for brand new coaches which includes documents, templates, and forms you need to get your business off
the ground and to begin a profitable coaching business. These forms are ready to use and can be branded with your business name and logo.


Get a complimentary 1-hour session with me on using creativity and coming up with fresh ideas to use for your coaching and coaching
products. Replay will be available for you to listen to over and over again.


Get 20 ready to use success quotes to brand as yours for your website, social media posts, and to use in any of your coaching
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