Discussing the Issues of Life!
Discerning Your Boaz!

Lessons on preparing for marriage from the
“divine connection” between Ruth and
Boaz for the single woman.
See the "Table of Contents" Below

Season Of A Single Woman's Life                                         
Introduction: Discovering or Discerning                            

1.        A Famine In The Land                                                  
2.        A Movement Of God                                                
3.        A Season Of Death                                                
4.        A Season Of Decision                                               
5.        A Season Of Presentation                                        
6.        Boaz The Man – Part 1                                                
7.        A Season Of Friendship                                  
8.        A Season Of Preparation                                           
9.        Boaz The Man – Part 2                                                
10.      Don't Leave Empty-Handed                                        
11.      Wait My Daughter,
          Until You Find Out What Happens!